Sounds - Prince Far I

This page contains souds of or sounds related to Prince Far I.

Hear Prince Far I speak on "Dub To Africa":

Click to download This is a publics demands my special request to Jamaican number one bass player, the man called Flabba Holt
Click to download This one call: "Dub To Africa"
Click to download Da eema-zeema, wandlem, good music brother
Click to download Give ear la amlak, glory to God!
Click to download Tenna istelem wadada, wandlem sound, hello love brother
Click to download (laugh), you know what they call us? Cry Tuff and The Originals (laugh)
Click to download Brothers and sisters good day, how're you doing up there? Hope you're doing fine. Well I'm gonna make you mine, because all I've got in mind, to give is love!
Click to download On I wrong, Babylon weighing 250 pound. On I right Natty Dreadlocks weighing 150 pound. Security force, the referee. The whole world stand to see this boxing

Hear Prince Far I speak on "Megabit 25, 1922-Dub":

Click to download Knowledge is found in the secret place of the most high, happy is a man that foundeth wisdom. And with that getting get overstanding and knowledge shall be added unto thee
Click to download Jah Rastafari
Click to download Beauty unfold
Click to download Someone have stolen away my good brethren call: "Jerry Doghead", from Greenwich Town

Hear Prince Far I speak and sing on a John Peel Session:

On the 4th of juli 1978 was the first broadcast of a John Peel Session with Prince Far I and Creation Rebel. The show was recorded on the 7th of june 1978 in a studio called Maida Vale 4 with producer Jeff Griffin and Engineer Nick Gomm. The line up for this recording was:

Prince Far I Lead Vocals
Vernon Guitar
Clifton Morrisson Keyboards
Dr.Pablo Melodica
Charley Drums

As far as I know these shows where repeated the 11th of september 1993 and 22nd of december 1995. These shows where broadcasted by the BBC and probably rebroadcasted by other stations. The recordings of this show are almost complete except for one song, Front Line. I would appreciate it if someone could send the complete recording of this song (or session) to me, the track listing is:

Click to download Spoken Introduction
Click to download Black Man's Land
Click to download No More War
Click to download The Dream
Click to download Foggy Road
Click to download Front Line