John Peel Session 04-07-1978
Prince Far I And Creation Rebel - Introduction

The publics demands, my special request, to the man John Peel. Love the torment of one, happyness of two for a fellow live in the city of three. Well these tracks is dedicated, from the Virgin album 'Message From The King'.

Well quite likely, having your meals, which is eating your dinner or drinking your tea. It's really a grace from the Prince personally. That mean, if you don't want fi read your bible, just listen to Prince Far I. Dedicahted personally, specially, to the people who really realize what is the creation (we really) I man really a defend you know?

Well creation wise, man stand firm on the ground, shall never be eaten by worm, seen? To love in your neighbourhood as you're taught you should, just love you know, cah I man like love and love is a principal thing. To love the almighty God is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Creator is understanding. For he is the only one giveth wisdom, out of his mouth cahmeth knowledge and understanding. Wisdom is a principal thing, therefore get wisdom, and with that getting, get knowledge and etiquette and wisdom shall be added unto thee.

Whether you may be black, or whether you may be white. Whether you may be a Syrian or Coolieman or Indian man or Chiney man, open up your eyes and you will see the light. The light that shine brighter, brighter than morning star, cah in the morning a lot of them fresh and blooming, but in the evening they wither up and gone. So stand firm on the ground and you'll shall never be eaten by worm.

Seen Love.